Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ye Booke Clubbe Poetics

By Kim Thacker

Hark! The eve doth quickly come
When fair maids gather, to prattle some,
And to give ear to poet Dave--
A winsome buck and handsome knave--
Who lends the wisdom of his mind
To aid in study of a poetic kind.

But, "Alas!" cry I, and again, "Alack!"
Did yon fair maids forget their snack?
For poems go down best with food,
So bring a treat. Now, I conclude.


Hey! The night is coming fast
When we get to hang out to chat a little,
And to listen to Dave, the poet--
Who has a charming personality and is pretty good
_____looking, even if he does have a bit of the devil
_____in him--
Who is going to share his knowledge
To help us learn more about poetry.

But, "Dang!" I cry, and then I shout, "Bummer!"
Did you gals forget to bring a treat to share?
Poetry is fun, but eating truly rocks.
So make sure you bring a treat for everyone to enjoy!
_____Now, I'm done with this silly poem that obviously
_____has meter problems...

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