Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Idea of Frankenstein

Thanks, everyone, for coming to book club and discussing A Christmas Carol. I learned a lot and enjoyed all your comments. Thanks, Hailey, for your preparation and for making this night a great learning experience.

Next time we meet (January 27th), we'll be discussing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. April is going to lead this discussion, and I'm so excited! For now, you have an "assignment":

Create your idea of what Frankenstein's "monster" looks like, and give it to me (Kim). You can choose any medium, but we want to be able to put your monsters on the blog, so if you choose to create one out of clay, or something, take a photo and email it to me. You have until January 20th. HAVE FUN!!! BE CREATIVE!!! PRIZES ARE INVOLVED!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Susannah, you're our winner! You get a copy of "A Christmas Carol." Congratulations, and thanks, everyone, for your posts. They were so great! I loved hearing all your thoughts.