Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Here's the winning poem, folks:

Up to little old Moscow two love birds often fly
To spend a couple of joyous years at good old U of I.

'What to do in this little town,' they wonder with a sigh
'We're not sure we'll like it here, but I guess we'd better try.'

Then a spritely chap came walking by with a bounce up in his shoe
And the new arrivals queried him, 'What's there here to do?'

'What to do in Moscow? You really do not know?
Well stand your ground, you're in a town where good times overflow.

'There's Mikey's down on Main Street, not far from Sister's Brew,
Blackberries out in Kendrick and the Lentil Festival too.

'Elk River Falls and the Cedar grove not too far away
You'll pass Spring Valley Reservoir, a perfect place to play.

'There's grizzly bears, apples and pears over at WSU
A bike path Troy to Pullman and wheat fields for a view

'Enjoy your time in this little town once of the name 'Hog Haven'
Cause time is swift, and soon enough your dear friends will be wavin'.'

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