Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poems for the Poetry Contest

Kindred Swells

We're riding the crests of
their current--a sisterhood

of scandalous gossip
and glistening eyes

heartache and cheesecake
Dirty diapers and temper tantrums

Childbirth, party tips,
and the only right answer
to the question that's
plagued us for years:

Does this skirt make my ass look big?

First a smile erupts,
then another, till we're
wagging our jaws and
straining our necks

A rush-storm of laughter
both bursting and rare

It spills over our faces,
this chorus of rolling delight

and continues to swell
Till long after we're gone

i haven't slept
in nearly 3 months
but when i do
i think about you

my body is sore
in places unheard of
but i'm holding you still
in awe this is real

i forgot what a job
and an income are like
you need me all day
its worth the pay

sometimes all you do
is scream and you fuss
at night when i pray
'thanks for him,' i say

you have consumed my life-
my days and my nights
i see you, i smell you
i hear you, i feel you
and i've forgotten already
how i got on without you
for my baby, my love
i wish time to slow down

because i didn't know
how fast you would grow

Good Company

Is it more telling to judge a thing not for the thing that it is,

But rather to judge the thing by the people that are drawn to the thing in question?

Not judging a show by the story or scenes, but by those standing in line.

Nor judging a song by the rhythm or beat, but by those singing along.

Instead of judging a tree by the fruit that in season it doth bare,

Judging the tree by those who partake and partake and partake again.

Do you desire to partake of the fruit of which he or she partook and partook?

Or do you believe ‘their tastes are too plain,’ and thus...try another tree.

What would this method of judging say of the things you hold most dear?

Without saying a word, what would your friends have to say about you?

Could this means of judging things become your guiding star?

Could you find some fellows who’s opinions and actions are true,

And once discovered with watchful eye take note of all they do?

Then be as they be and do what they do and soon enough you’ll find

This simple way of judging things will land you in good company.

One of our fellow members of book club is a songwriter! You can listen to her song, with music, here:

Ode to Action
by _____________, age 16

Her name was _____, she was rad;
She wanted action really bad.
With anyone, with Steve or Rex,
Some action, please, but never sex.

Her friends would tell her of their kiss
And she would sigh with longing bliss.
O action! she would stand and scream,
It is of you I often dream!

Am I so ugly and so base
That no one wants to suck my face?
And so I am content to yearn
Until, at last, it is my turn.

It is fall the leaves are turning
Each leafs a new example of change
I am as the tree is clinging
Holding on through the disarray

Yet Spring will bring another life
Green will replace the barreness
Of Winter's cold enduring strife
and all feelings of emptiness

The rain may purify the earth
Depending on your lucky star
For Spring is time for the rebirth
A time to erase all the scars.

Can I keep this summer season
If not so what is the reason?

It should be known that the author of the following poem was NOT drunk or high when the poem was written:

The Lurking Walrus
He surfaces from the depths of the living sea
He bobs romantically on the ocean froth
His blubber convulses hypnotically
Swimmingly, daintily, delicately

Up to little old Moscow two love birds often fly
To spend a couple of joyous years at good old U of I.

'What to do in this little town,' they wonder with a sigh
'We're not sure we'll like it here, but I guess we'd better try.'

Then a spritely chap came walking by with a bounce up in his shoe
And the new arrivals queried him, 'What's there here to do?'

'What to do in Moscow? You really do not know?
Well stand your ground, you're in a town where good times overflow.

'There's Mikey's down on Main Street, not far from Sister's Brew,
Blackberries out in Kendrick and the Lentil Festival too.

'Elk River Falls and the Cedar grove not too far away
You'll pass Spring Valley Reservoir, a perfect place to play.

'There's grizzly bears, apples and pears over at WSU
A bike path Troy to Pullman and wheat fields for a view

'Enjoy your time in this little town once of the name 'Hog Haven'
Cause time is swift, and soon enough your dear friends will be wavin'.'

The following poem is meant to be read to the melody of the song Joyful Joyful
Here is a link to the song, so you can hear how it sounds:

Joyful, Joyful, child we adore thee

Child of mercy, laughter and light

Since your birth our arms enfold you

We pledge to love you with all our might

You explore the world around you

Makes us laugh with each new day

Your eyes of wonder, cheeks of laughter

Remind to love more perfectly

God gave children, we see clearly

Hold them tight and keep them near

We’re so grateful for you our baby

We feel lucky you are here.

A tribute to a recently departed celebrity (written not so recently...)
King of Pop

________________MaKe believe.
__________The kitchen Is my stage;
The microwave, my audieNce.
___________Music rinGs

_______Like the climax Of an old
_____________Horror Film.

_____At the peak of my Performance I cry, “Beat it!”
__________My breath fOgging my reflection
_________In the microPhone.


  1. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THESE POEMS!!!!!!!! Keep 'em comin', folks, keep 'em comin'!

  2. hilary, you would! actually, i also find it quite hilarious.

  3. Seriously loving Ode to Action. So funny!