Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Novel Swap and Arabian Nights

April 21st: Please send Kim your favorites book list by this date. She will put the lists together for a summer reading list.

April 28th: Please come to the Hillside Village Clubhouse at 8:30 p.m. for a favorite novel swap. Bring a cheap copy of your favorite novel (or A favorite novel), and be prepared to give a short synopsis of the story (no spoilers!). Very casual--no need to stress over the synopsis. Basically a "This book is about..." type-of-thing. The summer reading list will be handed out at this time, too. Don't miss it!

May 5th: We'll be discussing ARABIAN NIGHTS, with Katie R. acting as our discussion leader. There are many versions of this book, so it'll be lots of fun to discuss it. It's easily found at the local bookstores, and I know there are copies at the public library and at the university library.

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