Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frankenstein Must Look Like...

You have until Wednesday, the 20th, at midnight (ooo...creepy...midnight...) to send/give Kim your visual representation of Frankenstein's monster. Remember, this needs to be your idea of him/it pre-reading! If you've already read the book, then cast your mind back on the days when you were less enlightened.

The beautiful painting below was done by the lovely Katie R. She's well on her way to a PRIZE, especially since she's the only entrant in our drawing so far! This is not a contest--simply a drawing. The only way you can enter is if you create a monster!

See you Wednesday, January 27th, at SISTER'S BREW COFFEEHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Bring a few bucks for a steamer or some cocoa and prepare to learn from the illustrious April, who taught a Frankenstein unit to her students! She knows her stuff! Plus, we're gonna have fun...and probably get more prizes.

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