Friday, October 16, 2009

Great Deals on Great Books

One of our lovely Bookish Women bought all four of our novels for Book Club for $15 at TJ's Books, here in town. That's another great benefit of choosing classics--they're so readily available and often very inexpensive, as opposed to new and trendy books, which can cost so much more and are sometimes harder to find. Anywho, TJ's is a fun bookstore, if you haven't been in there, as is Bookpeople of Moscow (downtown). Hastings also carries new and used books and sometimes they're used books are at a steal of a price. Occasionally you can find some used books at the thrift stores in town, but I've found that usually they're bodice-rippers and not classics....

Does anyone know of any other stores in town (or nearby--Pullman, Troy, etc.) that carry the books we'll be reading? If so, post in the comments, PLEASE!

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